While I adore your art and the frequency you post some, YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAND/WRIST!!! Rest and get yourself back to your fighting capabilities! <3 *aggressively cares about your well being*

Anon said:


Anon said:

How’s your hand, Fran? U OK? Are you resting well and taking good care of yourself? Get well soon💜

Anon said:

Please look after yourself and keep healthy, you’re art is beautiful and thank you for doing it but look after yourself first 💙💙

Anon said:


and also @ all the people who’ve mentioned similar feelings in the reblogs – thank you guys so much you’re all so sweet and adorable but oh my god it’s!!! nothing as serious as you all think it is hahaha I’m sorry I didn’t think it’d make so many of you worry rip I’m laughing what a mess

I actually mentioned it a few posts ago but it’s really just a blister – a pretty damn huge one, but still just a blister – it’s in a place where I apply pressure when holding a pen so drawing makes it sorta hurt, and to avoid breaking it I had kind of decided to wait it out and not draw until it’d healed?? But as it turns out it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna take as little time as I thought it would?? And not drawing was making me go out of my mind?? So I decided that I’m gonna draw anyway, but the position in which the blister forces my finger is a stupid one and the hold on the pen turns out a little awkward, so (for my own standards) the lines are turning out sloppier even though it’s taking thrice as long to trace them in an even only vaguely acceptable way

So!! This is what’s up! I’m sorry I made you all worry and thank you so much for the concern, but the only thing drawing anyway is gonna do is make me uncomfortable in the moment and maybe make healing a little more annoying, there’s no permanent damage anywhere in sight!

Anon said:

Hey Fran! I love your art and wanted to know if I could repost it on my toMBSTONE AFTER I DIE BECAUSE OF ONE OF YOUR BAKUSHIMA(NARI) COMICS,,THE CHARACTERIZATION, YOUR ART STYLE, THE WAY YOU MAKE POSES SO EXPRESSIVE I CANT!! Ahem.. I’m sorry, I know you don’t allow reposts under any circumstances, really I just wanted to tell you I love your art very much. Please keep blessing us with the content you create!

This is honest to god the sweetest and funniest ask I’ve ever gotten omfg hahahaha thank you so much!!!!! I’m so so so glad you like how I portray the three spiky nerds, it means a lot to me!!!! 

Anon said:

my dude sucy looks SO GOOD in ur style

THANK YOU!!!! She’s so much fun to draw honestly !!

Anon said:

If I remember well the hero Ectoplasm doesn’t have legs…. I think it’s in 7th volume where this information appears

I KNOW oh my god çAç I love him so much anon, when I read his shifuku I cried a bit he’s!!! Such a good amazing hero – he!!! lost both of his legs!!!! and he’s still fighting villains and teaching kids!!!! And his tenacity makes him a seriously loved hero!!!!! And he looks like a n e r d !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Ectoplasm so much one of these days I’m gonna fill a whole page of all the pro heroes I love with all my heart and half the page is gonna be just that adorable nerd I s w e a r

Anon said: 

Yooo so like i understand that you’re gonna expect a certain quality from your art and it sucks if you don’t see it but… Just from my point of view I think it’s really incredible that with your hand hurting like it is (which!! I love your art but please don’t push yourself too hard!!) you still were able to produce art that I thought was very much quality work and idk I just wanted to let you know that I think your art is really very incredible and high quality. I hope you’ve had a lovely day!

B O I thank you so much!!! ;A; I don’t know how I deserve such nice words but I’m!!!! seriously happy you like my stuff!!!! Thank you ;A; 

Anon said:

Hello Sero can sing have a nice day

Is there anything Sero can’t do tho seriously

(Sero’s just minding his own business with the squad when Todoroki’s suddenly by his side out of the blue and he’s like “I heard you listening to music in your room earlier, who was it it was nice” and Sero’s like ??? I wasn’t listening to music??? and they have a moment of utter general confusion until Kaminari’s like “dude he probably just heard you sing” and while Sero and Kaminari and Kirishima and Mina get swept in the usual “how could he mistake my singing for actual music” “do we have to have this conversation every single time” argument Todoroki just stands there not really knowing how to react at all because what

and then Bakugou’s by his side like “I swear he’s a fucking siren or something” which is like, the nicest thing Todoroki’s ever heard Bakugou say this is the most surreal day of Todoroki’s life)

Anon said:

U dunno how I could live until today without your bakushima/kiribaku fanarts… thank you so much ♡♡

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH no thank you for liking them!!!!!!!

Anon said:

I’m so happy that I found you!! Especially since you draw my Bro3tp (kirishima, bakugou, and denki) please keep up the good work!!!

WELP I actually ship and draw them as romantics usually, but I’m!!!!!!!!!!! super glad you like my stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anon said:

How Kuroo and Bokuto started dating? Sorry if you’ve already said it, I just found your blog (didn’t find the faq, I’m on mobile) and loved the tattoo au.

Thank you!!! And it’s!!! okay it’s not in the faq anyway, but I did draw it a while ago!


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